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MEGA impex ensures that our patients receive special privilege and medical care for themselves throughout their treatment from all our partnered hospitals and doctors.


Once your case is received by us, we begin to consult with the leading hospitals and doctors that meet the best interest to your case.We provide complete 100% support from the moment you confirm to travel for your medical treatment in India and advise you the best treatment options gathered. An approximate cost of treatments is too provided for any of the options that you would opt.

Post-treatment Follow-ups

Post your treatment, our team of medical experts are in constant touch with you and assist you through live video sessions. With your consent, we maintain a record of all these sessions which are also accessible to you through an electronic platform.


We provide you complete assistance needed to plan your entire travel requirement anywhere in the world. We also help you with a Scheduled Itinerary, Visa, Flight Tickets, Travel Insurance, and acquaintance to the local conditions for a successful trip.

Value-added services

We provide you language assistance and translators who help you bridge the communication locally with ease. Not just that, we also provide you with an Indian sim card, laptop, internet, mobile, etc. under our extendedlist of services. This allows you to contact anyone anywhere with access to all the necessary communication platforms.

24/7 Customer Assistance

Round the clock, our assistants are there for our clients helping them over calls and messages to answer their questions, queries, and any other related concerns or assistance.

Customized Package

We customize your travel packages based on your medical condition and treatment completely from beginning till the end including your recovery period.